Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an Ad?

The fastest way to place a Classified Ad is to go to the Homepage of our site and click “Place Ad.” You will be asked to create a new account and a password will be sent to your email address. After you login, you can enter your Ad details and upload photos.

How Long will my Ad be Active?

Classified ads are set to expire after 45 days. You will receive an email notification 5 days before your Ad expires with an option to renew.

How long will my Directory Listing be Active?

The current length of free directory listings is 365 days. When the listing expires we will send notification emails and renew if your business is still active.

Can I post Personals or Adult Services?

We do not approve Personal Ads or Adult services. Craigslist seems to be the best alternative for that.

Can I sell Firearms?

We advise against listing firearms and may or may not approve your Ad.
We recommend using Texas Gun Trader instead.

How do I edit my ad?

You can manage/edit your Ads by going to the Ad Management section of Your Account. After you create your Ad, you will also receive an Email with instructions on how to make changes.

Why is my Ad not Approved yet?

We manually approve all Ads so this process can take up to 24 hours or longer. However, we make every effort to approve Ads within 1-2 hours.

Do you accept Bitcoin Donations?

Of course! We gladly accept Bitcoin donations. How nice of you to consider. :)


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